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Reliable in the Extreme

All around the world, the name of VEKA has become the watchword for the best in PVC-u home improvement materials, both in its technical performance and sheer good looks.

VEKA was among the original pioneers in the use of PVC-u in window frames and related applications and has remained at the forefront of its development ever since. Now with 17 factories all around the world – including the world’s first purpose-built closed-loop PVC-u recycling plant – it is one of the biggest manufacturers as well as one of the most advanced.

VEKA materials have stood the test of time in some of the world’s most ambitious building projects as well as literally millions of private homes.

But before VEKA allows any of its products to be used, samples of every one must undergo a series of punishing tests – including many years of exposure to extremes of high and low temperature in the Nevada Desert ad high in the Swiss Alps.

Only then can VEKA be sure that its products can withstand far worse weather than any you could expect in Britain and Ireland.

And, because every Independent Network member is committed to using PVC-u extruded materials only from VEKA fabricators – every one of their customers can expect reliability in the extreme.

Global Responsibility

The environment is high on everyone’s agenda nowadays and VEKA has let the way in PVC-u recycling for many years. This versatile material can be recycled many times, giving massive savings in energy and the world’s resources, but VEKA Recycling has one vital difference that few others can claim. Its purpose-built recycling plant at Behringen in Germany, backed by its UK-based primary separation facility, actually recycles to such a purity that it can be made into new windows, not just secondary products like drain or sewer pipes. In fact, the VEKA system can not only turn old windows into 15,000 tonnes of clean, recycled PVC-u a year, it can also separate for re-use glass, steel and gasket materials.


  • Within VEKA we collect 100% of our own post-industrial material
  • VEKA incorporates as much post-industrial PVC material into our profile as possible
  • Our composite door substrate has been designed to use 100% recycled PVC-u material
  • VEKA PVC-u window frames are designed so there is zero waste to landfill generated.
  • All parts of the window are fully recyclable at the end of the window life:
    – PVC-u profile
    – Glass
    – Hardware
    – Steel/Aluminium reinforcement
    – Gasket
  • VEKA is also at the forefront of addressing the environmental responsibilities of the wider PVC-u window industry.

Independent Network

You want to be sure your new windows or doors comply with legal standards and keep you warm safe and secure… so does the Government.

That’s why every installation in England and Wales must now be registered as meeting the standards set by the Government’s Building Regulations.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to do anything. Northfield Glass Centre will do it all for you through one of the authorised ‘self-certification’ bodies such as Independent Network, Certass, BM Trada or BSI.

Each will issue a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ and register the work with the local authority under the Government’s ‘Competent Person’ Scheme.

However, assure goes much further – it also gives you an unbroken chair of quality assurance, literally from the PVC-u raw material all the way to the completed installation in your home.

The Independent Network Customer Promise

  • Our Ten-year Insurance Backed Guarantee on every Independent Network registered installation
    – Assuring you of complete peace of mind from the moment you request your guarantee.
  • Our Deposit and Staged Payment Protection Guarantee on every deposit paid and/or staged payment made on every Independent Network registered installation
    – Backed by an insurance policy in our name
  • Your product Guarantee of up to 10 years, that tells you exactly how your installation and its components are covered if it is maintained within the company’s Terms and Conditions
  • Every Independent Network installer and surveyor will be trained to our strict standards
    – Ensuring every installation is up to our specification
  • Every Independent Network registered installation complies with all Building and Fire Regulations
    – Keeping you on the right side of the law
  • Every Independent Network customer receives a confidential Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
    – To make sure we know every member gets it right every time
  • Every PVC-u frame in a Independent Network registered installation is manufactured by an approved Independent Network manufacturer member
    – Assuring you an unbroken chain of quality from factory to your home
  • Every employee who visits you must carry a current VEKA Identity Card with photograph
    – So that you can be sure they are who they say they are
  • Every member company has been vetted for financial stability before we even allow them to join Independent Network
    – We make sure we trust them before we ask you to

85% of Independent Network members score 100% feedback

For customers to access Independent Network ’s trademark, ten-year, insurance-backed guarantees, they must first complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire that is submitted directly to the organisation’s HQ.
That way, they know that customers’ feedback hasn’t been influenced in any way, allowing us to address any criticisms with the respective member company and, equally, give credit for the praise they receive – at events like the annual Independent Network AGM and Awards, for example.
Northfield Glass Centre Ltd., has been members of Independent Network for over 5 years and are proud to be one of the many companies delivering 100% ratings yet again.
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