More than 85% of Independent Network member companies were recently judged to have completed perfect installations and provided flawless service by the toughest of critics: their customers.

In total, 74 companies returned unbeatable 100% ratings. The lowest figure for the month was 96.6%, delivering an average across all companies of 97.5% – a typically high result for the Network, far outscoring the industry ‘norm’ of just 83%.

Northfield Glass Centre Ltd., has been members of Independent Network for over 5 years and are proud to be one of the many companies delivering 100% ratings yet again.

What’s even more impressive about these figures”, comments The VEKA UK Group’s Marketing Director, Dawn Stockwell, “is that, for Independent Network members, they’re nothing out of the ordinary! Companies whose customer satisfaction scores don’t meet our required standard are first offered assistance to address the issue but, if the situation continues, are no longer permitted to remain as members.”

“Independent Network’s priority has always been to provide the products and service that customers deserve and expect when making such significant investments. When we started nearly 20 years ago, our industry was in a state of disrepute, largely due to unscrupulous traders whose only motivation was profit. We were determined to never be tarred with that brush, and that premise remains true to this day.”

For customers to access Independent Network’s trademark, ten-year, insurance-backed guarantees, they must first complete a customer satisfaction questionnaire that is submitted directly to the organisation’s HQ.

“That way,” Dawn continues, “we know that customers’ feedback hasn’t been influenced in any way, allowing us to address any criticisms with the respective member company and, equally, give credit for the praise they receive – at events like the annual Independent Network AGM and Awards, for example.”

“The organisation is all about giving customers the best. We invest in keeping our members ahead of the game, providing training, advice on building legislation, and – with the Independent Network Academy – subsidised opportunities for fitters to gain industry qualifications and further their careers.”

“Customers get the end benefit of all this support but, of course, there are great advantages for members’ businesses too. Professional marketing with the weight of the Independent Network name, and our commitment to only using the finest systems from The VEKA UK Group – they’re all qualities that put a business ‘on the map’, instilling customer confidence and peace of mind before a quote has even been drawn up.”

“For us, the reward  ies in these customer satisfaction figures. We know what we’re doing is working and, what’s more, we can prove it! There’s been a lot of industry talk about the validity of online review sites recently. Our system is fail-safe, so there should be no doubt in a homeowner’s mind that, with Independent Network, they’re getting the best.”

For more information on Independent Network and to see its latest, five-star customer reviews, visit the organisation’s website: