Independent Network, Windows & Doors Installers: We’re IN

What does Independent Network, IN mean for homeowners?

You want to be sure your new windows or doors comply with legal standards and keep you warm safe and secure…so does the Government!

That’s why every installation in England and Wales must now be registered as meeting the standards set by the Government’s Building Regulations.

How does a competent persons scheme benefit me?

When it comes to improving your home with new doors and windows, it can be a daunting task to choose a company you think you can trust.

How do you know the work will be carried out correctly?

Choosing an Independent Network member installer to complete the work means you can rest assured that the installation complies with Building Regulations which means that the work is legal and correct. You will be even be sent a certificate to prove it.

If you were to have work carried out that did not comply with Building Regulations, the installation would not be legal and could cause significant problems when you come to sell your home.

In recent years, it’s become clear that more and more homeowners are selecting highly-efficient windows in order to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise their heating bills.
When your windows are supplied and fitted by an Assure-certified installer, you know with absolute certainty that they carry the Window Energy Rating you specified when ordering.

One of the many conditions that installers must agree to before becoming Assure-certified, is that they must provide customers with independent financial support.

All installers and surveyors registered with Independent Network will be provided with branded ID cards so you know they are exactly who they claim and they have the appropriate Minimal Technical Competences. (MTCs).

Once your installation is complete you should expect a Building Compliance Certificate within 28 calendar days, if this does not arrive please contact your installer.


Benefits to you of the IN Certificate?

Why should you look for Independent Network installers?

  • You do not have to register your door or window installation with your local authority.
    We will do this for you saving you up to £250!
  • You ensure Compliance with the Building Regulations without the cost & time of arranging a Building Control visit
  • Assure will send you a building regulations certificate. This certificate will be required for all replacement windows and doors installed since 2002, if you decide to sell your property.