Heat Resistant Glass or Stove GlassWood-burning-stove

Replacement Fire & Stove Glass to suit a wide range of gas & electric fires and gas, wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

Here at Northfield Glass Centre Ltd, we supply high quality 3mm, 4mm & 5mm, replacement fire & stove glass for gas, wood burning and multi fuel stoves and fires.

All of our glass is cut to order especially for you.

Robax™ Glass for all your high temperature needs.

ROBAX® is unstressed unlike tempered glass and can supply all of your replacement high temperature glass requirements. Northfield Glass Centre can custom cut and finish Robax glass.

This material is actually a transparent glass-ceramic. Ceramic glass has a thermal endurance way beyond that of normal tempered glass. Tempered glass is generally limited to applications that do not exceed 500F. However, ROBAX® is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from minus 400F. to plus 1400F. It can be tested from fire to ice without breaking.

Typical Applications

Wood Burner, Multifuel & Coal Stove Windows
Wood & Gas Fireplace Doors
High-intensity Light Covers
Furnace Observation Windows
Barbecue Grill Windows
Grill Covers and Trivets
Spark & Flame Guard panels.

Robax™ Glass Benefits

High heat permeability of the panels
Flat panels for increased functionality
Sizes of up to 1,954 x 1,100 mm
3, 4 or 5 mm thicknesses
Variety of shapes
Heat from renewable raw materials